Listen on Alexa

Get Us on Alexa!

Here’s how to get Radio Shields on Alexa smart speaker!
1: Download the ‘Alexa’ App to your mobile device (Phone, Tablet etc.)

2: Open up the app – but make sure you are within ‘Bluetooth’ distance of your ‘Alexa’ device.

3. Click on the dropdown menu at the top left-hand corner of your screen.

4. Click on “Skills” or ‘Skills & Games” (Dependent on your system)

5. Search for “Radio Shields Official”

6. Select it and then click ‘enable’.
Now just say to Alexa either “Alexa, open Radio Shields Official” or “Alexa, Enable Radio Shields Official”

(This is a once only installation. But if you don’t have the app you can try asking Alexa to enable Radio Shields Official)