Our Team

Ever wondered who is behind the microphone? This page will tell you a little bit about our presenters and the show that they do. Simply click on the links below on the show you want to learn more about.

Our Directors

Kyle is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of our company and has experience in running a variety of community groups and community radio stations. His journey began in 2007 where he asked his History Teacher (Mr. Curtis) a former Galaxy Radio presenter how to get his break in radio. After years of emailing, telephoning, and visiting other local media initiatives, he finally found out that Newcastle & Gateshead was launching its first FM full-time community radio station (NE1fm)

He got involved 3 weeks after it first launched and started presenting radio shows from age 12 years old, from this he has hosted a number of Radio Shows. Kyle was then offered the opportunity to be a Station Coordinator once he turned 18 years old. Throughout his involvement with NE1fm, he’s worked with a number of other local media initiatives. In August 2019 he formed Radio Shields with only two volunteers and limited funds, the station eventually opened its doors in September of that year.

Kyle also presents The BIG Weekender with Jade on a Friday Night from 6 PM!

Jade is a named director of our company and has been involved with the station as a presenter since January 2020. She works at a South Shields-based business selling windows and doors, she’s been doing this since the aged of 16. Since becoming part of the directorship of Radio Shields she’s been a massive support to Kyle to carry the vision of the organization.

Jade has a husband called Carl who one day will be our roving reporter, two girls, and lots of animals.

You can listen to Jade with Kyle as they present The BIG Weekender Friday’s 6 PM!

Wayne has been with Radio Shields for over a year now, and he has a massive passion for “Indie Music” and loves his fast cars. Wayne is also a named director of our company and is full of ideas and ambition! He works alongside Kyle ensuring the business of the radio station runs smoothly.

You can listen to Wayne every Monday Night from 8PM

To speak to a member of the board of directors or the senior management team you can do this by email firstname@radioshields.co.uk

Our Presenters & Hosts