Fundraising Events

Our NEXT Event!

On Saturday 17th October 2020 Youth Voice presenter 10 year old April Rose will host a LIVE Gig via Facebook to raise funds for the radio station. April presents Youth Voice on a Wednesday evening between 4 and 6pm.

Youth Voice Presenter and singer April Rose will host a LIVE gig to raise funds for Radio Shields. This event will be happening on Saturday 17th October!

Our Fundraising Events

On Friday 2nd October 2020 Mark Newton from Radio Shields completed an 18 hour a Broadcast Marathon. Starting on the Friday Night 6pm and finishing 12noon on the Saturday. The broadcast marathon has been designed to help raise funds in order to keep us “on the air”

Mark was on-air for 18 hours straight and raised some money to keep radio shields alive!

Legally Radio Shields NE is a registered CIC (Community Interest Company) with Charitable aims & objectives which are;

Our organisations Aims

We exist so that we can deliver a sustainable cross platform community media service that serves the local people of South Shields, North Shields and beyond in local news, information, education and entertainment and encourages local talent and creative expression.

 Our organisations Objectives

  • To support community media development in South Shields in which people who live, work or have interests in South Tyneside can participate as members.
  • Facilitate public access to local radio broadcasting, to promote jobs and enterprise, and to nurture local talent.
  • Invest in other community media and to develop building based media facilities.
Click on the image to donate to The Broadcast Marathon.

Click HERE to donate to The Broadcast Marathon in order to raise funds for Radio Shields.